About Me

Modtacks is all about simplicity and giving back.

My name is James Browning and I started this vinyl decal store because I know that a lot of car decals cause clutter and in an effort to keep the natural focal point on the car I designed each of these decals to compliment its appearance. One thing that I noticed after going to many car shows and meets was that you could never really tell what a car had for performance modifications unless you knew and really understood cars. I thought of the idea of Modtacks because I wanted there to be a simple yet clean way to outline what your car has performance wise. I spent a good portion of time designing the symbols and creating a standard look that was recognizable by everyone in the world. No words, just symbolic designs. The decals are precision cut and are not the usual flimsy stickers you would see at an arts and crafts store. These are quality decals that will last a long time.

My main rule is to have great customer service. If your decal has a defect or you are not satisfied I will refund your payment or send you a new decal ASAP. I will always offer free shipping because the last thing I would want to see from a customers perspective is the price jumping up in the cart before purchase. This is a locally owned business and I am operating from my home in Kirkland, WA. I have all the manufacturing equipment to make the decals and have the software to design them literally in my living room. I don’t think of this as an eye sore, I swear.

I plan to design many more decals for my customers and would love feedback so if you have any ideas or you would like to see another modification designed please let me know.

To tell you a little bit about my self I started out loving cars from a young age as I always wanted to be a car designer. I have old sketch books with hundreds of cars that I drew when I was between the ages of 10 and 15. After I realized that it would be difficult to immediately jump into this career I pursued engineering. I graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Science and am currently a Manufacturing Engineer. Through my life I have owned a 1997 Honda Civic, 1997 BMW M3, 1991 BMW 318 convertible, 1992 325 convertible, 2001 BMW X5 and a 2008 BMW M3. Yes I am a BMW fan as you can tell but I enjoy every car as they all have different characteristics that intrigue me. I do all my maintenance on my cars by myself so I don’t have to go to the “Stealership”. Overall, I am a car fanatic and always will be.

Well that is enough ranting for now so I would like to say that I appreciate you visiting my website and hope to see you again shortly.


James Browning